1. boys who knit <33333

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  3.        You  know  the  b u s i n e s s  
                                     And  I  know  the  c h e m i s t r y.

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    honestly if Joan Rivers dies youre ALL invited to my house we poppin BIG bottles 


    yall aint invited

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  8. Heads Up


    Richard Linklater is having a TCM guest programmer night on Thursday September 4. His choices include Some Came Running, The Asphalt Jungle, Fanny and Alexander, and Forbidden Games.  

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    Back to school outfits

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    I’m gonna cry

    Still crying

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  13. collections that are raw as fuck ➝ elie saab f/w 2014-15

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    Tipton - English Springer Spaniel

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    this guy was watching sonic the hedgehog (the tv series) with me and now he’s educating himself how precious is that

    he keeps asking me all these questions about aspects of speed and he’s like “so basically it’s about letting hedgehogs do what they want without being slowed down” and I was like yea and he was like “oh okay that’s so simple why isn’t everyone fast” it’s precious

    update: I banged him

    The phone screen was totally photoshopped.

    tumblr user tardis-to-hogwarts cracked the code, everyone.